Time 50 🕑 – Difficulty ⭐

Ingredients for 6 people

• 350 g spelt

• 500 g yellow squash, peeled

• 100 g grated parmesan

• 1 yellow onion

• 1 white potato

• 1 bunch parsley

• 1 cup white wine

• Extra virgin olive oil

• Salt to taste

• Chopped parsley

• 8 dl squash broth

For the broth

• 1 carrot

• 1 celery stalk

• 1/2 yellow onion

• 1.5 L water

Make the squash broth by putting the carrot, half onion, white potato, celery and 200 g squash in a large pot. Brown the ingredients, then add water (about 1.5 litres). Cook the broth over low heat until it reduces by a third.
Dice the remaining squash and brown it in a pan with the remaining onion and chopped parsley, sprinkle with white wine and cook over low heat for about 10 minutes. Now add the spelt, mix well and cover with the squash broth. Cook for about 30 minutes, then season with extra virgin olive oil and grated parmesan. Serve in an earthenware bowl with chopped parsley.